Thursday, December 15, 2011


Taking cues primarily from early Cheap Trick and Electric Light Orchestra, The Shazam mold hard rock that, initially, sounds out of place on the Not Lame label, which focuses entirely on power pop. However, on repeat listens it becomes obvious why this group is so often lumped in with fine pop acts; their hooks are remarkably strong and melodic. While they're clearly out of step with the times (The music here is entirely steeped in the late '70s, and while it may have sold millions then, it is unlikely to go past "cult" status now), Godspeed the Shazam is an excellent hard rock pleasure. Many of these songs sound like lost classics, especially the excellent "Super Tuesday" (an anthemic rocker on the lament of the loser of a presidential election) and "Gonna Miss Yer Train." The Shazam also occasionally dip into glam, especially on "Sunshine Tonight" and "The Stranded Stars" and, not surprisingly, they make that work too. It all amounts to yet another gem on the Not Lame label.
Jason Damas

01. Super Tuesday
02. Sunshine Tonight
03. The Stranded Stars
04. Sparkleroom
05. Some Other Time
06. RU Receiving
07. Chipper Cherry Daylily
08. Calling Sydney
09. City Smasher
10. Sweet Bitch
11. A Better World
12. Gonna Miss Your Train

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