Friday, January 27, 2012

LIVE. The Jam Farewell Concert, Brighton 11/12/82. LIVE

By no means is this a great quality recording, but given the year, the technology available and the gig in question, it is worth a listen!

Start!/It's Too Bad/Beat Surrender/Away From The Numbers/Ghosts/In The Crowd/Boy About Town/Get Yourself Together/All Mod Cons/To Be Someone/Smithers-Jones/Tales From The Riverbank/Precious/Move On Up/Circus/Down In The Tube Station At Midnight/David Watts/Mr. Clean/Going Underground/ In The City/Town Called Malice/Butterfly Collector/Pretty Green/The Gift



  1. great post! i went on 3 dates of this last tour, leicester,bridlington and wembley arena,it was like a part of my life that ended,which looking back now it did,i stopped listening to music and following bands after 1982,there wasnt much out there after that! cheers for this rick you are a star!

  2. Thank you, it is such a shame that the sound quality isn't brilliant. I lived just outside of Brighton at this time and couldn't get a ticket for the show, I heard the day after that they opened the doors and let the people in that couldn't get in, I was gutted, I never got to see The Jam who were and still are my favourite band, my biggest regret!