Friday, July 13, 2012

The Seasongs - Out Of The City. OUT NOW

The Seasongs debut album is now out and not only does it come wrapped up in a well crafted colourful piece of artwork by Oscar Herrero but the music contained within is also well crafted and colourful too!
The album fires into life with the song "New Love" which is a perfect example of power pop at its finest and the album continues to mesmerise you with songs that have a hint of past greats such as The Kinks, Beatles, Who, even some early Simon and Garfunkel in places, all delivered with attitude and style.
This is a fantastic debut album from a band that promises to go from strength to strength delivering jangly, upbeat, hook laden songs, go listen and enjoy!
Photo: Lisa Monetti

The Seasongs are a Power-pop band from Spain, with a little mixture of folk and psychedelia in their sound, influenced by bands like The Who, Kinks, Beatles, David Bowie, Byrds, The La's and many others.

They've been playing as The Seasongs since 2003 , though the origin of the band begins in 2000 with a garage band called Piso99 (99th Floor).
They've got one album (2012) and 4 self EPs released (2003, 2005, 2006 and 2009), and some of their stuff have appeared in 2 compilations of the Spanish fanzine BonVivant Records.

Their first LP titled "Out of the city" has been recorded and mixed by Pepe Bermejo (bass player in The Happy Losers and Mamá) between 2011 and 2012 and mastered by Fausto Martin (guitarist and singer in The Winnerys and Riffbackers) in 2012

Photo: Lisa Monetti

Along these years, they have performed in many gigs, supporting both international and Spanish bands like Cooper, Ugly Beats, Wiretree, Dropkick, Squire, The Village Green Experience (Kinks cover band leaded by Spanish musician José Casas), Javier Polo (one of the members of The Winnerys), Zinedines, Los Sentíos, Holdens, Alien in love, Bang 74, etc.

The Seasongs have participated in three editions of the famous power-pop festival International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool (from 2010 to 2012).

Photo: Lisa Monetti

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