Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lannie Flowers - New Songs Old Stories OUT NOW

Quite how Lannie Flowers managed to fly under the "Ice Cream Man" radar is beyond me, but in my defence, I only started the blog last September and the prequel to this album, "Same Old Story" was released back in 2008. "Same Old Story" was an album of 30 or so song snippets from which Lannie's fans then chose what they wanted to hear full length versions of, and so, via one more full length release, "Circles" we now come to the latest release containing 7 songs as voted for by fans of the man globally and 2 extra's from that era.
I have to say that this is a remarkable album full of really great power pop, the only downside is that it is only a 9 track album, but then you know what they say, "Keep them wanting more!"  Well, this listener  wants more and thankfully Lannie sent me a copy of "Circles" which not only rectified my previous heinous oversight of Lannie, but gave me more of this very talented individuals music for my listening pleasure. Happy days indeed!
I can see this album making many top ten lists at the end of the year, it will certainly be in mine!

Lannie Flowers is from Kennedale, a small working class Texas town full of wrecking yards, garbage dumps, and an abundance of churches for an interesting blend of rough characters and church-going folk.

When Lannie was twelve years old, a friend living up the street got an electric guitar. After seeing all the girls oohing and ahhing at show and tell, Lannie immediately told him that they needed to start a band. Three months later they had their first gig, and suddenly, high-school girls were talking to him. From that moment on, other distractions weren't a priority to Lannie anymore.

Working in a warehouse for a couple of years while attending Tarrant County Junior College, Lannie knew he didn't want a regular job. He dropped out of college and became a full-time musician, going on the road off and on for the next thirteen years. It was the only thing he could see himself doing.

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