Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - The Volume Police FREE DOWNLOAD

The 8th single in the "Postcards From The British Empire" single a month is out now for FREE download and once again this band manages to blow us away with another fantastic slice of top shelf power pop!

The band played a gig in their hometown of Folkestone last Saturday and the "Ice Cream Man" took a short flight from Sweden to go and see the band play, play with the mixing desk and soak up some great music and atmosphere.

The venue, Chambers, was a small basement with loads of little nooks and crannies for people to sit and enjoy a drink or three and these started to fill up fast and the house was virtually full by the time, the very young, but very able support band "The Basement People" took to the stage to do a first class job on waking the venue up with their synth based indie/pop/rock, (check them out here Bandcamp and like them here Facebook).

 The Basement People

As Phenomenal Cat took to the stage with their new brass section in the form of Dan and Tim on trumpet and sax, the faces emerged from the nooks and crannies and Phenomenal Cat displayed why we shouldn't ignore them, nothing is lost in their live performance but so much more is added, Sam's wry sense of humour, Natalie's charming smile, Mik's cowboys and Indians shirt and Ben's unwavering concentration on the beat, creating the backbone to a band that already has more spine than your average Joe!

Sam, Mik, Natalie, Ben, Dan and Tim played through the 12 songs that will eventually make up the complete "Postcards From The British Empire" in its entirety, the brass section really adds an exciting dimension to a sound that was already something special, a band that is so quintessentially English in the same way The Kinks, The Jam, The Who  and Blur are, a band that sing observational songs about everyday life that are easy to relate to.  Phenomenal Cat are passionate about their music and work hard to deliver, both in their recordings, a single a month is no mean feat, and live too.

The night ended with the band playing "Ramshackle Heart" for the encore and the crowd still shouting for more half an hour after the set had finished and the band were packing their instruments away.
I hope the band will spread their wings and share this music around the country and beyond because they put on a great, fun live show, they certainly have the songs and they are one of the most friendly, unassuming bands that I have had the pleasure to meet as well!

All the proceeds from the physical single sales will be offered up in the usual fashion of this band to charity.  I would also like to give a special shout out to Holly Coull who crafted 30 very stylish "Cat" keyrings (one of which is now living here in Sweden with me) which were sold at the gig with all profits going to Guys and St Thomas' hospital charity.  Great work by both the band and Holly.

Download the latest single and check out the previous 7 releases here: Bandcamp
(The songs are available for free download, just put in "0" in the price field, but if you really enjoy the music, please consider making a donation to enable this band to continue making music)

Contact, follow, befriend, like and love Phenomenal Cat here: Facebook

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