Wednesday, September 5, 2012

State Records

State Records was founded in the Autumn of 2007 with the intention of making records that sound like records used to and they have certainly achieved that with some very fine recordings of a wonderful stable of bands.

The label records their signings on an 8 track anologue set up and produce and engineer the music to a very high standard, to my ears there is a certain warmth in the sound of the recordings which you just can't capture with a digital recording, kind of like the Vinyl over CD argument maybe?

State records very kindly sent me a whole pile of music from the label and as I was listening through it to see what I would feature on the blog, the pile for inclusion far outweighed that I was going to include, in fact there wasn't anything in the latter, so I decided to feature the label as a whole and include something from all the bands in the State Records family whilst recognising the work behind the recordings at the same time.

Before we head onto the music of the label, here is an interesting short documentary about the label.


The Higher State - Automatic Motion

"The Higher State" is the labels own band and this superb video was Directed by none other than Sam Carney, vocalist and guitarist with Ice Cream Man favourites "Phenomenal Cat" with the splendid camera work carried out by James Newton.

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Paul Messis - Time Will Tell
Paul plays an authentic 60's garage style of music incorporating elements from the Michigan and New England teen scenes along with West Coast folk rock and Psychadelic scenes.

Contact, follow and find out more about Paul Messis here: Official Site

Groovy Uncle - Count On Me

Groovy Uncle began as a solo venture for Glenn Prangnell way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.  I am not sure how much truth there is in that, but, they are very good!

These are just three bands that make up part of the State Records label, other signings to the label, and all are worth hearing, are: Internationale, Hidden Masters, Marty Ratcliffe, The Lykes Of Yew, Bernard Eveleigh, The Wildkat Tamers, The Offhooks, Sleeping Bear, The Galileo 7 and Suzi Chunk.

This really is a great label with great bands and a fantatstic ethic of making records like they used to, so the least we can do is go and buy records like we used too!

State Records have a brilliant web site which gives you all the information about their studio, should you wish to record some fine anologue sounds, you can listen to music by all their signings and find out more about the artists too and of course you can buy all the music there too.

State Records Official Site

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