Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Successful Failures - Here I am

The Successful Failures release their 4th full length album, another jewel in the bands already sparkling crown!  Quite why this band has not been elevated to the dizzy heights afforded to bands like Fountains Of Wayne, Weezer, Wilco et al, evades me somewhat.  I guess it must be a sign of the times in the music industry because these guys have the songs, the well crafted tunes, in fact they have 3 previous albums of this quality behind them already, I guess they are the wrong side of 20 years old to be deemed worthy by the superficial industry, even though everything this band have behind them in terms of music (maybe even looks if we get superficial too) would run circles around what is deemed to be popular music in the mainstream, this is pop, this is Power Pop, pure, raw and exciting, go take a listen!

With a name borrowed from a Jack London short story, an indie rock work ethic, and a penchant for melody, harmony, and heart- in-your-mouth-foot-on-your-sleeve lyrics The Successful Failures burst onto the scene out of the NJ pinelands in 2006. The band have released 4 full length CDs.


The NJ Americana/indie-rock band, The Successful Failures, have released their 4th full length album, "Here I Am" – a 12 song barrage of roaring, kicking, indie rock fun. The 12 new songs penned by singer/guitarist Mick Chorba (formerly of well-loved NJ garage rock band, Dipsomaniacs) are about fallen Civil War heroes, shark attacks, Vikings, the rise of new world leaders, and surviving the NJ Turnpike: the typical off-kilter subject matter the band has become know for. This album is all about the rock - blanketed with sweet harmonies and hook-laden melodies and guitar riffs. The Successful Failures will play a series of shows and live performances in support of "Here I Am". 

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