Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bryan Estepa, teaser for the forthcoming album, "Heart Vs Mind."

One of the Ice Cream Mans favourites, Bryan Estepa, is putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming album, "Heart Vs Mind" due out 1st of March.

Behind the scenes during the recording of the album.

The new album is to be released on vinyl, the superior format in my humble opinion, so get ready to hear the warm, rich sounds of Bryan's music even warmer and even richer as that needle traces through the grooves!

"Seachange" the first single from the new album "Heart Vs Mind." Featuring Bree De Rome on vocals.

There will be a full feature of the album on the blog as soon as the album lands in the offices of the Ice Cream Man, in the meantime, go on over to Bryan Estepa's "Reverbnation" page to get a free download of the new single.

Listen to more songs and download the latest single free here: Reverbnation

Contact, befriend, keep up with the news, like and love Bryan Estepa here: Facebook

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