Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phenomenal Cat - Mellow Lane. Single No.6, FREE DOWNLOAD

Mellow Lane cover art 

Phenomenal Cat reach the halfway stage of their single a month for 2012 with the release of "Mellow Lane."

With "Mellow Lane" Phenomenal Cat have delivered a memory provoking piece of times past, changing times, times that are looked back on with a mixture of happiness and sadness, they have then wrapped it up in another delectable slice of power pop and then given it a "Coronation Street" ending.  Confused?  Take a listen and see what I mean.

The bands previous 5 releases have also been made available for FREE download again, so if you don't already have them, get them now!

Download "Mellow Lane" here:Bandcamp

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The "Ice Cream Man" Holiday!

The "Ice Cream Man" is off on holiday for a few weeks but will be back soon to share some new found and classic gems for you.

Here is a video from the wonderful "Red Jacket Mine" of their new single to enjoy for today!
You can find "Red Jacket Mine"  here: Facebook

See you soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Foggy Notions - Beginning To See - FREE DOWNLOAD

I found these guys on Bandcamp with a tag of "Teenage Fanclub" which, obviously, compelled me to take a listen.
This seven track debut album does have an element of more recent TFC within but also has its own distinctive style too, there is a very indie pop feel to the music too especially on "Guiding Star" (An original song, not a cover of the TFC song) which reminds me a little of very early My Bloody Valentine and some Sarah Records artists.

Other than the fact that they hail from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA I can't really tell you very much about the band, other than they have a very immediate 7 track debut album that you can download for free and that you should download it!

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Download the album FREE here: BANDCAMP

Foggy Notions: MYSPACE

Monday, June 18, 2012

Chris Richards and The Subtractions - Get ya la la's out! Out Now....if you now what I mean!

When this arrived at the "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More" I immediately recognised the name Chris Richards, Chris released one of my favourite albums back in 2004, the album was called "Mystery Spot" and that led me to seek out more of his solo albums and his works with the magnificent Pantookas all of which are absolutely brilliant.  On "Get Your La La's Out"  Chris is joined by bass player Todd Holmes and drummer Larry Grodsky who provide great backing on the album, you may recognise these names from Hippodrome and The Pantookas.

This is straight up in your face Power Pop with a  blend of British inavsion, take a listen and place an order!!

 It’s been a very busy time in the Subtractions life…We’ve been fine tuning our set for our Get Yer La La’s Out Release party at the spacious Berkley Front (Friday 6/22) with the Subtractions addition of Nick Piunti (a hell of a songwriter himself- do check out some of his works via CD Baby). We’ll be spending most of our “stage time” playing tracks of our last two records and some older surprises sprinkled about.

We also approved the vinyl master for La La’s and it’s set to arrive by mid July- all pre-orders will be shipped at that time. I have to be honest with you…it sounds incredible. You can stream the vinyl only bonus track here- Dogs. The LP will be available via our site (with free immediate download) or through CD Baby and Amazon in July.

Next up…We’ll put the finishing touches on That Covers That Vol 2 – perhaps featuring tracks by Chris Bell, Cheap Trick, the Who…Coming this summer to a free download site near you.

If you haven't already, be sure to download That Covers That Vol 1 (free 5 track download) today.

The band don't appear to have a facebook page but you are able to contact them via e mail at their official site.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Paparazzi - Rococo FREE DOWNLOAD

Erik Paparazzi has been recording and touring in various incarnations of The Paparazzi since way back. His heroes are the underdogs of pop like Harry Nilsson, Nick Lowe, Todd Rundgren, Lee Hazelwood, Brian Wilson, and all the other musical visionaries who can get down with happy accidents, soul power, and the lushness of it all.

Erik currently plays bass in Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues, and has been lucky enough to perform with The Pierces, Men Without Pants, the Losers Lounge, Wilco keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen's Pronto, etc. Erik made three records in the 90s as part of Lizard Music which also featured Jorgensen.

His new album Rococo is set for release on Serious Business this winter. Listen now to hit jam "The Rococo Tape" which will appear on Rococo, a 12" slab of long-playing vinyl that Erik will dump in our laps in time for early '10. Delicious!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hypnotic Eye - Marianne 7 " single and album out soon!!!!!

The Hypnotic Eye are a South London-based five piece Flower-Punk band, who play abrupt, slightlydelic garage, haunted by Brill-Building pop & Musique Concrète. The Hypnotic Eye take their name from George Blair's cult classic horror film. Known for their prismatic dress and engaging performance, the group are fronted by 19 year old, Grace Lightman. 

A fully independent limited pressing 7" of The Hypnotic Eye's debut single "Marianne" featuring a cover of The Omens' "Searching" is out now..........and I have to say it really is rather splendid indeed! Kicking into play with a kind of early Stones type guitar riff (Chuck Berry really then!) and driven along with the feel of The Small Faces, "Watcha Gonna Do About it" this song could only be a winner from the off,  and then, it gets even better when Grace Lightmans powerful vocals come into the equation, think Lulu with real attitude and you have "Marianne" a top notch single from the bands forthcoming album which should be available sometime later this year, and I for one, am really looking forward to hearing it!


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Official Website: 
 You can buy a limited vinyl pressing of the single here and find details of the bands live dates amongst other news.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marty Graveyard - Summer Holiday OUT JUNE 21ST

The eagerly awaited "Summer Holiday" has arrived unlike this years actual summer which seems to be taking a holiday of its own, still, not to worry, this album will brighten up the cloudy days and put a smile back on your face.
Marty Graveyard was the drummer with Power Pop beat combo The Madd, he also wrote the excellent songs "I Know" and "Into The Sun" recorded by the band, so it comes as no surprise that he has released his own solo album and plays virtually everything on the album himself with a few guest vocalists, including ex band mate Dave Von Raven, who also features in Martys video for the catchy song "Do You Really Wanna Dance?"
'Summer Holiday' can be described as a feelgood guitar pop album. Catchy choruses and ditto Guitar Lines make you feel like it's summer forever. Marty has developed a unique style and sound with influences from a.o. the Californian popsound. If you think of The Beach Boys you're a step in the right direction .. Sprinkle a glimmer of punk rock on top of that and you get 'Summer Holiday'!

This is a 12 track album that makes you move involuntarily, you can't help but tap your feet, beautifully arranged and with some fantastic guests, notably, Julia Reinhold who lends her beautiul voice to the track "Why."
It is hard to pick a favourite track on this album as they are all such great songs, which answers that question, How many drummers does it take to make a great album? Just one, Marty Graveyard!
Suited, booted and suave!

Marty is currently rehearsing with a band and getting ready to take this album out on a tour which promises to be something special, the sunshine could be coming to a town near you soon!

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Summer Holiday will be available at all good record shops, if they don't stock it, you should be able to place an order for it.